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Me at 47

Not effing bad.

Would You Choose Water Over Wine?

This is me a year ago. This is me taking care of my father. This is me taking care of my nieces. This is me taking care of my career. This is me taking care of myself, by taking a long walk on the beach. I did all that. Good-bye, 46. Good-bye to my whole sucky early 40's. You threw everything at me. But I did it. I held the goddamn wheel and drove.

So I Remember

Jonathan Haidt, one of my boyfriends, explains it all.


Jared Diamond, another long-time steady, with the article that started it all ("it" being Greenlandmania):


Jane Smiley, with the book that continued it all:


The Books

Science, social science

Fiction, juvenile, biography, technology, arts

Guest room:
Crafts, music, literature, history, travel



Yes, I'm an addict. That portion of my brain, which was formerly 100% occupied with planning our August trip to Iceland down to the quarter hour, is now devoted to organizing all of my non-fiction books according to the Dewey Decimal system, across various bookshelves (both actual and not yet existent) throughout both stories of the house. This is all part of KonMari, that organizational system created by that crazy Japanese woman who wrote the book. I don't have any photos of my books to show yet, so here's my KonMari'ed closet. This is my wardrobe. In its entirety. Right here. You just got the tour. There's no hidden panel. This is the whole thing.

Lincoln Peak & Cooking

Coq au Vin - courtesy of Best Recipe and the slow-cooker
Bread - courtesy of the bread machine
Rice Pudding - courtesy of Food & Wine

So many resources and gadgets out there. Take advantage!

My notes on Lincoln Peak wine-tasting yesterday:
- La Crescent - like a Riesling
- Marquette - smooth; oak-aged 10 months
- Ragtime White - delicious and smooth
- Firelight - also delicious and smooth
- Cassis - jammy

We also tasted at Farnham and Frost breweries and Adirondack distillery. Take advantage!

Þetta er maðurinn minn, Xopher

Þetta er maðurinn minn, Xopher:

It's from this past Xmas, but I felt I had to illustrate the point.

Here's a more seasonal pic. Happy Excuse for Chocolate Day!


This mouthful of a word apparently means "the United States," so I will try to learn it.

Ég er frá Bandaríkunum.

Ég er að læra íslensku!

Ég er að læra íslensku!

Yes indeedy...

Ég heiti Chris. Hvað heitir þú? Hvaðan ertu?

Ég er að læra íslensku!

Ég er að læra íslensku!

Yes indeedy...