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Done weaving, for what it was (not) worth, back to making yarn.

I have not read FB these two nights. Today I contacted my senator, representative, and governor to thank them for recent things they've done, and signed up to volunteer with the Democratic party, and checked my employer's ethics guidelines on that. I listened to my representative briefly on public radio as well. This is so much healthier than reading FB.
I cannot read Facebook anymore.

Here, look at weaving. Beautiful! Problem is, it's too short to be anything! As far as learning experiences go, if judged by grossly incompetent mistakes, this was phenomenal!

More! I demand MORE fucking up!

I am fucking up this project every step of the way, as usual. One of my warp halves is actually significantly longer than the other, for example. WTF?! I used the same goddamn guide thread both times. So I curse my incompetence. But the whole purpose of this project was learning and practicing. Every mistake I make gets reflected in my notes. Mistakes are GOOD for my notes. Mistakes ARE learning and practicing. This is feel-good bullshit, I answer. But really. Rational brain, you know I'm right. You know that you didn't start this project because you desperately needed a new plaid scarf. You started it as a way to keep practicing what you learned in Weaving School. So how about full-on embracing the fuck-ups? YES! Look what I did! I made one warp longer than the other! When I accidentally pulled the guide thread off, I must have stretched it tauter when I put it back on the second time. Let me make some notes about how to avoid that! Someday I'll publish these notes, and help someone else avoid this very mistake. Good job making that mistake. More! More mistakes!

In No Particular Order

Make Yarn.
Raise Goats.
Eat and Drink.

The Traditional Song

And it's been a Long December, and there's reason to believe,

This country's going down the toilet very fast;

I can't remember how many times I've told myself

To enjoy this administration while it lasts...

And it's one more day down in the goat barn,

And it's one more night in Underhill,

It's been so long since I've engaged myself constructively with the outside world to effect social change,

I guess I will.

I usually sing this song at the end of the year for self-absorbed personal reasons. OK sucky 40s - things just got impersonal.

Not Really Feeling It This Year, But...


$5.69 for a dozen eggs. Unit price: $569.00 for one hundred dozen eggs. Isn't that useful information!?

Holiday Pet Care Trading

Taking care of Penny's cat for a few days.

Weaving Detention

Saturday's weaving detention:

I hit the 60-inch mark, end of the tape measure (unfortunately, that does not mean I'm done):

I hit 12 more inches, making a total of two yards (this is where I quit for the day):

My piece on the loom at the end of the day. I think this will look very nice in my dining room.