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$5.69 for a dozen eggs. Unit price: $569.00 for one hundred dozen eggs. Isn't that useful information!?

Holiday Pet Care Trading

Taking care of Penny's cat for a few days.

Weaving Detention

Saturday's weaving detention:

I hit the 60-inch mark, end of the tape measure (unfortunately, that does not mean I'm done):

I hit 12 more inches, making a total of two yards (this is where I quit for the day):

My piece on the loom at the end of the day. I think this will look very nice in my dining room.

My Boy Davey, and Aunt Bennie

I just love this boy.

Weaving School

Some pics of the latter half of Weaving School week, November 2016:

Threads being threaded through heddles:

Threads almost completely threaded through heddles:

Not my piece:

Rednoodlealien threading heddles:

The view outside the window from the loom:

Not my piece:

Instructor Dosia trying to fix my mistakes so I can start weaving:

Dosia really trying to get me ready to start weaving:

Not my piece:

The weaving I finally accomplished on Day 1 - 14 inches, and too many broken threads:

My weaving again - it's destined for my dining room chairs:


Columbia, the Gem of Nobody's Ocean

...because we live in Vermont, and she's really not much of a gem.

Janet & Milkweed Go At It

I don't know what is going on in this picture. I mean, I know Janet and Milkweed are fighting. But I don't know why, except, they're excited and don't know what else to do. Janet was thrown under the fence today for breeding. Milkweed is NOT the buck. He's the wether. The buck is just watching.

Four At Once!

Behold, four (4) goats drink from the water bucket at once! Well, Davey was done by the time I snapped.