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Farewell From Here


I'm done with Live Journal — and Facebook, for that matter.  I'm moving to Wordpress.  Wordpress is a paid site.  It is fee-for-service.  It is not monetized by ads and by spying on you.  Nor is it owned by Russians.

Follow me.


Waterworks, Winooski

Restaurant Week kicks off...

Weaving School April 2018

End of Day 1:

End of Day 2:

End of Day 3:

End of Day 4:

End of Day 5 - Ta Da:

End of a Day Much Later - ends woven in, washed, thrown:

It! Could! Work!

I'm thinking of putting these four colors together. The leaf green on the bottom would be the primary, and the others accents.

Updated 4/19/2018: it worked:

More Meetings! I Must Have More Meetings!

What I do during meetings.

Sometimes I miss Chi-Chi's...


good article, makes me hungry.

Sometimes I want a farm-to-table soft-shell "street" taco. But sometimes...

Soup to Nuts^2!

I started a local food club. We are called the Soup to Nuts Nuts. That is, until our first meeting where I fully expect to be voted down.

I Went Yarn Shopping

I went yarn shopping yesterday. I recently finished working on something I hated, and needed to prep for something that I will love.

Updated 5/8/2018:

Goat Without Flaw

Beatrice is my favorite. She is unique in our herd for having absolutely NOTHING wrong with her. But she'd be my favorite anyway; she's the youngest and I just adore greeting her every day. Beatrice! I keep her coated to protect her valuable kiddie fleece.

Stitch Fixery!

New cropped jeans, gorgeous purple sweater, linen/viscose cardigan, drapey brown sleeveless... only thing I'm not keeping are the earrings.