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Chana Masala and Paprika - Not Related

Chana Masala from a vegan cookbook gifted to me by a coworker:

Janet in Paprika:


I have been remiss.  Again.  Re-remiss.

Solstice... xmas... soon new year.

2017: I marched on NYC, then I got complacent. I went to weaving school and Hawaii.

2018: I want more of the same, because if I didn't like my life, why would I be living it?

Every Time, I Tell You

This happens to me every time.

Me: [pulls out carton of B&J fro-yo] There's not much left. I'll eat it out of the carton.
Me: There is a LOT left. You will NOT eat it out of the carton. You will scoop yourself a reasonably sized serving into this half-cup dish.
Me: [scoops entire remainder of carton into tiny bowl. It reaches so high up out of the bowl it teeters a bit, so Me leans over the counter and takes a bite out of the top.] There, I scooped myself a reasonably-sized serving. It fits in the half-cup dish. Therefore, it's a half cup. Jeez, and I dirtied a dish for nothing, Me.
Me: [eyebrows raise and looks at camera and heaves a sigh, like Bert on sesame Street] sigh!

So This Happened.

But it's cleared up now. The chainsaw is a pretty good invention, but I'm afraid the generator has it beat for 'best ever'.

At My 30th Reunion

No one admired my huge black heart.

One That Got Away

Either Rocky, or Riffraff, of Repa Road. Goats we sold to a neighbor some years ago. I was just spying on them.

Jewel Tones

I spent a little time packaging up some of the mohair locks left over from the fair. A tedious job, picking out debris, deciding which locks make the cut. But oh so pretty in their little plastic bags.

We bought some hay from this guy. We were on our way out when we got a load of the size of this "pet" of his.